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Stories about Sarah

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Sarah and I had many sleepovers. Let’s be honest I had a cot set up in her room for most of junior high possibly high school as well. I will never forget camping with her family. Car trips (to anywhere) that Jeff would turn into a challenge. Getting out of the van at stop signs to play “we are Siamese if you don’t please”. Going to the grocery store at night and having Shopping cart races in the parking lot. Sarah, Mackenzie and I driving Jeff and Debbie nuts by refusing to eat anything that wasn’t a certain color. Sarah and I spending hours at grandma Bettys house visiting. I’m trying to think of more I will put things as I remember. Sarah I love you and can not believe that I will never see or talk to you again. You will never be forgotten! You will always be loved! A piece of you will forever remain in my heart ❤️  

- Denisia Iacovitti

I didn't know Sarah that long....I spent time with her brother Sean and she was as amazing funny and intelligent as her brother... I'm truly sorry I didn't get to meet her in person... we met online because I didn't know Sean had siblings I forgot to ask him about. We spoke and she was very sweet and treated me like a friend because I was friends with her brother... our last conversation was her asking me to contact her brother because she loved him and didn't want him to feel alone... now that's a true sister indeed

Rest in heaven

- Jerrime Lamar Hill

Let me start by saying that I only got to know Sarah very little, but our boys played together and Sarah even played with my little girl Caitlyn. She sent her home with molding clay and markers. You could just tell from the first meeting her that she had one of the biggest hearts in the world. Sarah was so happy to have kids in our neighborhood for Ryan to play with that accepted him like he had been in the group all along. They trick or treated together (all the boys from the neighborhood). I hate I wasn’t a better neighbor/friend but this social distancing thing sucks! I found out by asking where has Ryan been in-front of another neighbor and he told us. We are here if Ryan or anyone need anything from us, much love and prayers!

- Amber Teaster


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