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This is a memorial page for Sarah Rachel Ingles, who was diagnosed with Covid-19, and passed away suddenly in North Carolina in the early morning hours of May 5th 2020. Sarah was an endlessly caring mother of her two beautiful boys, Connor & Ryan, the most amazing sister to her brothers Sean and Jason, and the only daughter to her loving parents Jeff and Debbie. 

Although it is the one year anniversary of Sarah’s passing, as her parents it often feels like May 2020 was just a few months ago.  We were only in our twenties when Sarah was born, and she has been an inseparable part of us for most of our lives. The loss of our beautiful daughter Sarah has truly shaken us to our core, in a way that time does not heal. Sarah brought a unique spark to our life that cannot be rekindled. We so miss Sarah’s boundless energy, adventuresome spirit, and expressions of love and caring both to family and her very large circle of friends. 

Those times with our Sarah were truly golden. These are memories, however, that we should be sharing with her now. That is the expectation; that is the way you frame your life. It does not seem that is too much to ask that our daughter should be living and vibrant and loving when we leave this world. However, the unrelenting, sorrowful truth is that this is too much to ask. So this is the world we live in now, whatever joy we experience tempered by the sadness of Sarah’s absence. 

We gratefully acknowledge our wonderful sons Sean and Jason, and daughter-in-law Gianna, who have provided comfort to us, even while still working through their own grief. The outpouring of support from family and friends has meant so much to us, and we ask you to continue to keep Sarah in your thoughts and prayers. 

Sarah Rachel Ingles

- Born December 17th, 1982

- Mother, daughter, sister

- Sadly left us on May 5th, 2020

Sarah's Funeral Services:

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